iPhone 7/7 Plus ‘Smart Connector’ Rumors

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What ‘Smart Connector’ Could Mean for iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7

Posted by Gautam Prabhu

It has been widely rumored that Apple will get rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7 or at least the iPhone 7 Plus, and make owners connect their headphones through the Lightning port.

It hasn’t gone too well with users and has raised questions about how one will be able to charge the iPhone and listen to music at the same time with just the Lightning port.

There have been rumors that iPhone will come with Wireless Charging, but with a metal casing, that doesn’t seem very feasible.

I have been skeptical about rumors that the next iPhone could come with a Smart Connector like the iPad Pro. But given the leaked schematics of alleged iPhone 7 Plus couple of days back, there seems to be enough smoke to rule it out completely.

iPhone 7 Plus Schematic
So what will be the purpose of the Smart Connector in iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7.

External Keyboards

Like the iPad Pro, it could be used for external keyboards, however, based on the schematics, the Smart Connector is at the back of the device, so it doesn’t seem like the ideal place for an external keyboard. It would have been ideal if it was at the bottom or on the side. I am also not sure how people want to use an external keyboard with their iPhone. I am definitely not one of them.

Battery Case
A DaringFireball’s reader predicts, it could be used for the battery case. The connector would allow Apple to make even thinner and smaller (without the chin) battery cases. However, it could end up turning into a PR nightmare, as it would be an acknowledgment that iPhone’s battery life is not good enough.

Magnetic Charger

It could be for an Apple Watch-like magnetic charger. I find Apple Watch’s magnetic charger a lot more convenient than using the Lightning Port. It would also allow owners to charge the device using the Smart Connector, and listen to music by connecting their headphones through the Lightning port, at the same time. The position of the connector still seems quite awkward for the magnetic charger.

‘Smart’ Connector

If Apple does include a Smart Connector in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, then it could be used for multiple things such as magnetic charger, battery case etc. rather than just for one thing. It would also justify the name ‘Smart Connector’.

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