Frequently Asked Questions

In the vast majority of cases, yes. We’ve repaired hundreds if not thousands of broken smartphones, tablets and other digital devices, and we’re almost always able to restore them to full functionality and their original look. But don’t worry. If we can’t repair your device following our free diagnostic service, you won’t owe us a thing!
That depends on the device and the repairs needed. We can usually fix an iPhone in less than an hour, and most Android phones within 2 hours. So if you have an iPhone or Samsung phone, you’ll probably get it back the same day you bring it in. Because the iPad adhesive needs to set for an hour or so, iPad repairs require 2-4 hours in most cases. Only in unusual situations will we need to keep your device overnight.

**Device Doctors will hold onto repaired devices for no more that 60 days.**

We use only the highest-quality replacement parts available in the market (that’s not true for all repair shops!). You can be confident that the replaced part will work and look like new. Of course, if the back of your phone was already scratched when you brought it to us to replace a broken screen, your repaired phone will still have scratches on the back, but the screen will be good as new.
Each repair includes our Lifetime Guarantee, which includes all the parts we repair/replace plus our workmanship. If a part we replace ever stops working, we’ll redo the repair at no extra cost. The Guarantee doesn’t cover devices that are lost, newly damaged, water damaged, or any issues not related to our repair. Some examples:

Covered: We replace your iPhone screen and 3 months (or years, for that matter) later, it no longer responds to touch. Bring it in and we’ll replace the screen again at no cost.

Not Covered: We replace the battery in your phone, and 6 months later the charging port stops working. We’ll be glad to repair your charging port, but we’ll have to charge you.

Not Covered: We replace your iPad screen and a year later you crack it. We’ll fix the screen again, but our normal charges will apply. Unless, that is, you crack the screen within 30 days. Then you’re covered by our Screen Protection Plan, described below.

Absolutely! If you damage a screen we replaced no more than 30 days earlier, our Screen Protection Plan covers you. Let’s say we replace your iPhone screen and 3 weeks later you knock it off the bathroom counter and crack the screen again. Just call us within 30 days of our repair, bring it in, and we’ll fix it again free of charge. No questions asked, no hassles.

A couple of limitations apply. You can use the Screen Protection Plan only for broken screens, only once in 30 days, and only for a device we repaired. And for Samsung phones, the Plan covers only a broken front glass, not the LCD. For all other devices, it covers the front glass and/or the LCD underneath.

We accept all the usual suspects. Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. We also accept the new guys on the block, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay!!

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