Create Round Home Screen Folders on iPhone or iPad

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How to Make Home Screen Folders Round on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreaking

Posted by Killian Bell

We’ve seen lots of glitches in iOS that let you put folders inside other folders or hide built-in apps you don’t want — but the latest in iOS 9.3 is probably the strangest yet. By simply changing your wallpaper, you can make your home screen folders completely round. Here’s how.

Like other home screen hacks, this one is almost certainly due to a bug that Apple will fix in future versions of iOS, but we can at least enjoy it for now. It’s unclear why this glitch happens, but using a tiny wallpaper makes it all possible.

The video below demonstrates the hack.

To get round folders on your own iPhone or iPad, simply follow the steps below. Note you will need to be running a version of iOS 9.3 for this to work.

1. Find a very small image you can use as your wallpaper. You can download some here if needed by tapping and holding one of the images, then choosing Save Image

2. Go into the Photos app and find the image you just downloaded

3. Tap the share button, then select Use as Wallpaper

4. Tap Still, then tap Set

5. Tap Set Home Screen

Now when you return to your home screen, your folders will be completely round, instead of rounded squares. However, how well this trick works will depend on which device you have. One some, only certain folders — usually those further down the home screen — will change.

You might have to play around with this to get the results you’re happy with, then. But don’t become too attached to it, because it’s likely Apple will fix this bug in a future iOS update.