Make Greeting Cards on Mac Using Photos

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greeting cards

How to Make Your Own Greeting Cards Using Photos on Mac Posted by George Tinari  ’Tis the season for sending and receiving memorable family photos and greeting cards. Most people have to go to the store to order their prints or use some complicated online Flash designer. Mac users (and at one point iOS users) on the other hand have … Read More

Try New Touch Bar on Mac and iPad

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try new touch bar

How To Try the New Touch Bar on Any Mac and iPad by Khamosh Pathak It’s not every day that Apple invents a whole new interaction model. The last big one was of course the multi touch iPhone screen. Now, Apple’s added a thin striped OLED display on the top of the keyboard on the new MacBook Pros, called the … Read More

Phil Schiller Thinks Touchscreen Desktops are ‘Absurd’ and Other Things

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Phil Schiller Thinks Touchscreen Desktops are ‘Absurd’ by Evan Selleck Microsoft believes touchscreens are okay for desktops, as made evident by the lengthy support in Windows, but Apple doesn’t share that sentiment. Instead of implementing touchscreens in the MacBook lineup, for instance, Apple opted to go with the Touch Bar, which sits above the keyboard. It’s an OLED strip, a … Read More

New Touch Bar Macbooks Available to Try This Week

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available this week

Apples New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Will Be in Stock, Available to Try at Apple Stores this Week by Jordan Kahn The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will be available at Apple retail stores later this week alongside demo units for customers to try, according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans. Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar … Read More

New 13-inch Macbook Pro missing Touch Features

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13" macbook pro

Apple Unveils New ‘Traditional’ 13-inch MacBook Pro Without Touch Bar and Touch ID Posted by Rajesh Pandey In addition to the new MacBook Pro, Apple also unveiled a “traditional” 13-inch MacBook Pro that is aimed at replacing the 13-inch MacBook Air. Slimmer, lighter, and smaller than the 13-inch MacBook Air, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 13-inch Retina … Read More

New Macbook Pro is HERE!

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new macbook pro

Apple Unveils New Slimmer and Lighter Macbook Pro with Touch Bar and Touch ID byRajesh Pandey Apple today unveiled its much anticipated refreshed MacBook Pro lineup at its ‘Hello Again’ media event. The refreshed MacBook Pro models from the company might look similar at first glance, but they have been updated in almost every department. Despite the exterior design remaining the same, … Read More

2016 Macbook vs Macbook Air Comparisons

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new macbook comparisons

Apple’s 2016 MacBook vs. 2015 13″ MacBook Air in head-to-head comparison By AppleInsider Staff Apple’s latest 12-inch MacBook refresh brings better battery life and a faster processor to the ultraportable platform, but in some respects is outperformed by last year’s 13-inch MacBook Air. Is the ultimate in portability worth concessions like a single USB-C port and slower CPU? Find out … Read More