iPhone 8 OLED Display Rumors

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iphone 8 oled

Supply Constraints Forcing Apple to Use OLED Displays Only on the iPhone 8 Plus by Rajesh Pandey At this point, it is all but given that Apple is considering using OLED displays on the next-generation iPhone 8. Multiple reports have suggested that the company will be using the OLED display on the larger 5.5-inch Plus model of the phone, which might … Read More

Try New Touch Bar on Mac and iPad

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try new touch bar

How To Try the New Touch Bar on Any Mac and iPad by Khamosh Pathak It’s not every day that Apple invents a whole new interaction model. The last big one was of course the multi touch iPhone screen. Now, Apple’s added a thin striped OLED display on the top of the keyboard on the new MacBook Pros, called the … Read More

Phil Schiller Thinks Touchscreen Desktops are ‘Absurd’ and Other Things

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Phil Schiller Thinks Touchscreen Desktops are ‘Absurd’ by Evan Selleck Microsoft believes touchscreens are okay for desktops, as made evident by the lengthy support in Windows, but Apple doesn’t share that sentiment. Instead of implementing touchscreens in the MacBook lineup, for instance, Apple opted to go with the Touch Bar, which sits above the keyboard. It’s an OLED strip, a … Read More

Apple Offers Touch Disease Repair; Blames Customers

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iphone 6 touch ic disease

Apple Launches iPhone 6 Plus Repair Program for Screen Flickering, Multi-Touch Issues by Evan Selleck Earlier this year, a known screen defect, quickly labeled “Touch Disease” began plaguing quite a few more iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners. That eventually turned into a class action lawsuit against Apple. And now, the company has officially announced a repair program that … Read More

Foxconn and Pegatron Asked About Possible U.S. Manufacturing

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Foxconn, Pegatron Asked to Consider U.S. Manufacturing; Future iPhone’s Could be ‘Made in America’ by Evan Selleck Foxconn, along with rival supplier Pegatron, have reportedly been asked to consider future production in the United States. According to a report from Nikkei, that question was posed to both companies by its major partner, Apple. Based on information obtained by the publication, … Read More

New Touch Bar Macbooks Available to Try This Week

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available this week

Apples New Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Will Be in Stock, Available to Try at Apple Stores this Week by Jordan Kahn The new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will be available at Apple retail stores later this week alongside demo units for customers to try, according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans. Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar … Read More

Macbook Pro With Touch Bar Review Roundup

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macbook pro review roundup

Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Review Roundup: Confusing Touch Bar, Meant For the Future by Rajesh Pandey With the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar now shipping out to some customers who pre-ordered it, the first set of reviews of Apple’s new laptops are out as well. The new MacBook Pro was long overdue so it’s understandable that there’s a lot … Read More

Sharp Confirms OLED Displays in iPhone 8

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Sharp Executive Confirms iPhone 8 to Use OLED Display; Limited to Only Premium 5.5-inch Plus Model Posted by Rajesh Pandey Just a few days after Japanese website Nikkei reported that Apple will be launching three different screen sizes of the iPhone 8 in 2017, the publication reports that of the three models, the largest and premium 5.5-inch model will make use of … Read More

Apple Keeps Killing Things

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6 Things Apple Killed in the New MacBook Pro Posted by Khamosh Pathak The life of a Mac power user is about get tougher. With the new MacBook Pros finally here, we’ve entered a transitional phase. Where we go from last gen ports to buying USB-C adaptors for everything to finally the time where everything comes with a USB-C port. … Read More